Who We Are.

Sheila and her team offer a full service solution, creating efficiency, saving you time and money and ensuring all elements stay on brand.

What We Do.

Sheila and her team offer a full service solution, creating efficiency, saving you time and money and ensuring all elements stay on brand.

How We Work.

You will have Sheila’s direct creativity, insight and attention throughout your engagement.  You will be re-energized with new ideas and have actionable, achievable marketing activities.

Sheila Randall- BIO

Sheila Randall is the Personal Brand Strategist for high-integrity Canadian small practice owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.  As a creative person with a sharp mind and a gift of expression, Sheila makes it easy for her clients to identify and grow their “Great Ideas Within” in a way that ultimately drives profitable revenue.

A Unique Peg     Sheila is not a square peg; Or a round peg; Or even a peg that has a name for it. Sheila‘s proud to be unique and has used her diverse experiences to help her clients stand out by leveraging their differentiated characteristics and experiences. Standing 6’2, this MBA graduate started her career in Internet Marketing in1998 and is now an entrepreneur and educator. Having worked with startups needing entrepreneurial dexterity to large conglomerates requiring efficient solutions to long-standing problems, Sheila quickly grasps the big picture and the challenges of small business marketing in order to overcome obstacles and get results.

To the Rescue of Solopreneurs     After several years managing a large regional news and entertainment website serving Atlantic Canada, Sheila shifted to pursue a career in natural health, owning wellness clinics that offered nutritional lifestyle products and services. This day-to-day experience of running her first business taught her about the power of forming the right partnerships and lining up business and marketing support that was a match for her values, strategy, and budget. Knowing she couldn’t do everything solo, she needed someone high-level, who understand her needs, she could trust to help implement the plan.

Not a Coach, Consultant, or Assistant, but an Executive Right Hand     Recognizing the opportunity to help fellow entrepreneurs address the challenges she had faced, Sheila founded Mantra By Design to offer her clients a complete efficient marketing solution, from strategy to achieving visibility in the target segment. Sheila realizes great ideas are within us all, and sometimes we just need a little direction and support. As a Certified Personal Brand Strategist, Sheila helps you uncover what makes you unique and helps you engage it. As a former Internet Marketing & Small Business university educator and as a Certified Social Media Director, Sheila is in a unique position to act as your online business manager, managing the implementation of your strategy with her team and other service providers to ensure all components stay on-brand and efficiencies are increased.

From the Runway to the Rapids     Sheila’s own “Great Ideas Within” are demonstrated in her own passion from living a life with adventure. She has travelled to over to over 45 countries, most of which she has navigated solo with a backpack. She has walked on fire, paddled class 5 rapids, and once slept on top of a chicken coop—admittedly not the greatest idea, but certainly an adventure.  Sheila is former runway fashion model and always wears impeccable red nail polish. When you engage Sheila to empower your entrepreneurial endeavor, you will get much more then you asked for and a few ideas that step way out of the box.


  • Certified Personal Brand Strategist
  • Certified Social Media Director
  • Certified Neuro-Strategist
  • Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Masters Certificate in Project Management
  • Masters of Business Administration (Marketing)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude (Sociology)