What we offer

Do you wish to enhance your visibility and presence? Create clear focus for your career and business? Standout from amongst your colleagues and competitors? Improve your perceived value, boost your revenue and increase your compensation? In 5 years you will be relieved you invested in BRAND YOU! Lets get started!

Personal Branding

Personal Branding is the art of creating a UNIQUE BRAND identity and positioning for the brand YOU. DO you have the desire to create a personal brand and POSITION yourself for more INFLUENCE, LEADS, CLIENTS, and CAREER OPPORTUNITIES?

You will discover what makes your brand unique and extraordinary and learn how to communicate your brand value in such a way that you are able to build the desired reputation of your brand. I will partner with you to create a truly distinguishable brand value proposition, an online and offline brand identity and your personal brand experience.

CMO Outsourcing

“What makes Mantra By Design different from traditional marketing consulting firms is that I have been in your shoes as a small business owner. I know your CHALLENGES and understand your FEARS. I provide strategic guidance, but unlike traditional consultants, I stay around to OVERSEE implementation, ADJUST the plan to ASSURE success. I become your part-time marketing executive, your outsourced CMO. Do you need me for a few months to establish a strategic initiative, maybe for a year to fully oversee implementation or perhaps stay on in an advisory role? It’s up to you.


Do you have a skills or resources gap for your new project? I can help you in a variety of ways, from strategic direction to optimizing your overall business model. If you need ongoing support I can work with your team to organize and execute your business projects according to your requirements. I am happy to have an inital discussion with you to see if we have a fit.

How we work?

Alongside you every step of the way.



We first discover your great ideas within and your competitive positioning.



We find professional creatives suited to your brand and work with them throughout the design phase.



The next step is taking the concept into production for all print and online collateral.



We don’t stop after a project is live, we arrange ongoing care for the management of your new assets.